Eye-opening experience

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 9
Safety: 10

I did the Tribal Issues Program with Rustic Pathways. It was one week in Thailand and one week in Burma.
I recommend this program to anybody interested in journalism, video, photography, or just somebody that is intrigued to hear a different perspective from people of another culture.
We interviewed/visited various people/places in both countries. We went to NGO'S, schools, interviewed a the head man of the village, monks, Burmese teenage immigrants living in Thailand to get an education (their stories were heartbreaking but so incredibly inspiring). We even interviewed people at the local border market, a tomato farmer, local families, so may people with first-hand stories that will amaze you.
The living conditions are great for the most part, in hotels (the beds are hard but that is common in SE Asia and it just part of the experience!). The home stay in Thailand was a great experience. The families all loved having us and I felt at home with them. The staff was incredible so supportive and helpful whether it be with the history of a country or revolution, journalism techniques, or video. They were also on top of all medical issues big or small.
I would recommend Rustic really to anyone because they have so many different programs for people with different interests. Also, Southeast Asia is just a great place to travel to because of the beautiful places full of rich history and the people you will meet that will change the way you define happiness.

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