JUMP to better future

Impact: 7
Support: 7
Fun: 6
Value: 10
Safety: 10

The children cried very much when I told them I will leave the next day and suddenly I found myself crying also, I was not expecting this. I hugged them as if they are my own children. They have held my hand always as if I am their father, played with my hair, touch my skin and invited me to their families (if there is one) and fight to have the camera to make photos. they were waiting the end of school to run to me. they told me they never catch a camera or saw one before, and I was the first foreigner they meet in their life. I gave them freedom, listen to them, laughed with them and shared with them part of their life, I went with them to the village, to the small mountain close to school, asked them to photograph their families. it was real fun for both of us. I never forget a small short child who is 10 years old, they call him Michael Jackson, i don't why :) we were walking in the village and he was holding my hand and then we met by accident his drunken father. Michael jackson was ashamed, looked at me as if want to say: why you´r not my father. it was not a workshop about teaching photography, it was most touching human experience I had in my life. This children are so poor, their mothers work in Gulf countries as cleaning women, they need love and attention. I was also amazed that they have a talent, I have at end more then 800 photos done by the children, and some are really awesome. I think a lot of them, remember their names one by one. and can not wait to visit them again. I must thank the foundation for sending me there and also the school ECF which offer them good education for free and a give them hope of better future.

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