I would love to do it again- beautiful and a lot of lovely people!

Impact: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 7
Value: 10
Safety: 10

As i was planning to take part in a dolphin research programm after my diploma for about three years or more , i really couldn't wait and tried to figure out everything before the trip started :) I was happy and suprised that there was an almost new programm in the area of alonissos- an island i badly wanted to go back to since i was 12 because of it's beautiful old village and the hidden coves i once get to knew- really a wonderful location. it was absolutely worth it to wait years for this experience and i don't regret having studied zoology with the goal of environmental protection and animal conservation and maybe joining someday a beautiful organisation like MOm with so kindharted colleague and passionated scientist if i'm lucky enough.The eye of a nearby swimming, bow-riding dolphin looked me right in the eyes and it's like feeling the beauty of nature in a moment like this ! Not only that the sightings of different dolphin species, turtles, sea birds (it's also impossible to see Monk seals) and visits of islands and coves around alonissos were exciting and fullfilling- there were a lot of kind people to meet, join and go out with in the evening. The programm leader of the NADP comes up with a lot of interesting information (in lectures and anytime you have questions) about the environment and the marine mammals jn the marine park and is a sweetheart as well :) ! The captain of the boat has an amazing knowledge about the area , is fun and also protecting everybody on board getting sick. (Which is not really a problem on board) The programm is absolutely well organized and i recommend MOm and the NADP to everybody looking for an amazing experience.
Take part and enjoy this beautiful place- I loved it !

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would