Couldn't Think of a Better Way to Experience Israel

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

Staff is very friendly and spiritually in tune. They not only look out for your physical safety, but your emotional and spiritual safety as well. The HaYovel team completely pours themselves into their work, making this an amazing experience for all involved, volunteer and vinyard owner alike. Every morning starts off with prayer and worship and there is always prayer and worship going on throughout the work time. The work is not too hard and everyone is encouraged to participate in anyway possible, depending on your physical abilities. The best part for me is getting my hands dirty! I feel like I'm actually expexperiencing the Land, not just looking at it. Tour days are always a highlight as we visit places that other tour groups don't take you to. You can stand in the place where God spoke to Abraham, walk to the site of the tabernacle in ancient Shiloh, treading on ancient pottery shards broken there by the children of Israel, and look down into the valley between the Mount of Blessing and the Mount of Cursing. Of course we also get to visit and shop in Jerusalem, one of my favorite places! These are just a few of the places you get to experience when you volunteer with HaYovel.

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