Life as a Marine Science Intern with Waitui Conservation

Impact: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 9
Safety: 10

Set in a stunning location I will remember my days at Waitui forever. Every day we followed the same schedule. Breakfast was followed by land based study. This included writing up maps, evaluating data collected on the health of the reef such as evidence of storm damage, bleaching etc. In addition, we made protected species lists to educate others on safe fishing practices and ecotourism. Logging fish and coral species (hard and soft) for our species inventory lists as well as mapping potential survey sites for collecting more data.
I learnt so much about coral reef health, managing local marine protected areas, working with the community and of course meeting great people and making friends for life! After lunch, the afternoons were spent diving in the pristine waters surrounding our little island. Not only do you have unlimited diving access to some of the most marine rich waters in the world but you get to make a difference and collect data where none has been collected before.
At the end of each day no where is more perfect than Nananu-I-Ra to just relax. This is where the social aspect of island life comes in with a few cold beers, hammocks, music, dinner, traditional Fijian 'Kava' ceremonies and much more!
The island is remote, 20 mins from the mainland by boat with no shops. Internet is possible and does work on the island (although it can go down during storms). Some people may find this hard at first but after a couple of weeks you will be enchanted by the island, by the way of life and in the end you may never want to leave at all!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would