Loved my time at Kang Chiao

Benefits: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Facilities: 10
Safety: 10

Having just read the review from Mr. Wibble (with whom I was acquainted with during his brief time at KCIS), I felt compelled to report of my experience at Kang Chiao. Please note that my review refers to the High School section, and not the elementary school.

I taught in the English department, and my students belonged to both the International Department (the stream that is heading to overseas schools) and the Secondary Department (whose students are destined for local universities). There was a noticeable difference in the abilities of the the two groups of students, as to be expected when one group has 100% of their classes in English, while the other group has only 10 periods of English instruction a week.

In my two years at Kang Chiao, I had initial discipline problems with a few students, which were soon sorted out with effective classroom management. I would suggest that this is something that the previous reviewer perhaps failed to implement in his classes. Having taught in the public school system, I found the behavior of the students to be vastly better than those I had encountered.

The fact that the previous reviewer slanders the true shining light of the school, Anne Ramalho, truly shows his character. Anne always made herself available and was a great source of inspiration to me. I appreciated her always giving-it-to-us-straight way of leadership, and I was happy to hear that she was promoted within the school.

Never once was I asked to falsify my grades, or to give grades higher than the students deserved. As a matter of fact, we had grading sessions during department meetings to discuss whether some teachers were grading their students too generously.

If it weren't for my family situation, I would have remained at Kang Chiao, and am happy with the direction that I see it developing into the future.

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