NOLS: Unleashing My Full Potential

Housing: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

When I first registered for my semester in the rockies I only expected to be receiving a furthering in my education, just a fun way to continue my college education. Upon arrival I quickly realized that this experience was going to be so much more than basic education. This course was going to enlighten me on how to interact and live with the world around me in a way that I had never thought of before. That is exactly what NOLS did.

Winter camping was rigorous and taxing ;however, It was rewarding to know that you were living efficiently in an environment that most people will never encounter in their entire existence. It is difficult to put into words the beauty of waking up every morning warm and cozy in an igloo with the bold Grand Teton Mountains quite literally at your doorstep.

Rock climbing took me through a technical journey of skills and knowledge that I will continue to use in my personal life. The teaching was thorough and complete leaving me with the feeling that I could accomplish all that was taught on my own. Everyday was an unique adventure as you scrambled hundreds of feet up beautiful red sandstone rock outside Las Vegas, Nevada. This section demanded trust and smooth teamwork which quickly helped to unite the group of men around me. I feel that The NOLS rock climbing section has advanced my climbing career in ways that I could of never imagined.

In addition to my two favorite sections of the semester there were also a river, canyon, and wilderness first responder course. These courses were just as rewarding and full of adventure and helped to create a well rounded experience. I also thoroughly enjoyed building a strong group dynamic with my fellow course mates. You soon create some of your closest friends just a few weeks into the course and learn how to interact appropriately with these friends even under stressful circumstances

From this experience I have grown personally, learned many technical skills, made new friends and most importantly have seen how to be a leader and make wise decisions in any situation.

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