A life changing experience

Housing: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 9
Safety: 10

I always wanted to become an au pair and live abroad for some time. After finishing my A levels I decided to spend 6 months in Australia.

It was the longest time that I had left my family and friends so far and it helped a lot that AIFS arranged for a group of us to be on the same flight. We also attended the orientation days in their office in Sydney together. The AIFS team was wonderful and so helpful! They gave us a ton of tips and also organized our trips to the host families.

My time in Canberra went by in the blink of an eye it seems now. My host family and I were a good match and I will forever be thankful for the wonderful time I got to spent with them. The children became something like my younger siblings and when my six months placement came to an end it was very hard to say goodbye.

During my time in Canberra I also got to know a lot of other au pairs through AIFS and one of them still remains a close friend of mine. We see each other at least once a year and both agree that going to Australia was the best decision we could have made! Not only have we found a true friend so far from home, we also have grown a lot as a person while living abroad and of course traveling Australia has also been an amazing experience!

All in all I made unforgettable memories that I get to keep for a lifetime!

I would recommend for anyone to go abroad as an au pair as it gives you the opportunity to experience a different culture in a very unique way and will not only help with improving your language skills but also make you a more responsible and independent person. - All while you are making a lot of new friends and are having a great time with a family that invites you to share their life with them.

And if there will be any problems, which is normal as being an au pair isn't always easy, AIFS provides amazing support. They are always there for you whether you just need to talk or require help in any other way!

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