Tyler Houston internship review 2015

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 7
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

While I was a part of the ESAC program the summer of 2015 I was lucky enough to have a fantastic internship with the Lobkowicz Collections in Prague. This internship also would not have been available to me without the help from the wonderful ESAC staff. My majors, Art History and History, did not fit the internships typically offered by ESAC. When I brought this up to the director, Kristine Zamastil, she immediately began helping me find an internship that would fit my studies. In what seemed like no time I was doing an online interview for the internship, thanks to Dr. Z.

My internship itself could not have been better. I spent my time split between a 1500s castle about 40 minutes outside of Prague and the Lobkowicz Palace in the castle complex in the heart of Prague. My main task was to help photograph, document, and file the graphics depository of the Lobkowicz art collection(one of the more extensive art collections in eastern Europe). During my time their I got valuable experience handling art work and seeing the behind the scenes of two very different museums.

While my internship specifically would not be the best for every student my experience surely would be. Not only did I get to receive college credit for an internship that greatly helps my resume. but I got to do it in the beautiful city of Prague. The program also helped to keep us active socially, offering multiple fun evenings like wine and steak tastings. All in all from start to finish my experience with ESAC could not have been better. From the first communication with ESAC I received constant help that made my trip the most productive it could be, they even helped me after the program was over because my internship ran longer! Great program and a very important experience.

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