Summer in Siena

Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

Living in Siena was everything I wanted studying abroad to be about and more! Since Siena is a smaller city than others in Italy, it created a quaint, home-like feeling to it. By the time I left, I felt comfortable in the city and felt like one of the locals, and I always felt safe, even walking at night. I found it very fascinating to learn about the 17 contradas in Siena and how passionate each person is about their own contrada. Living in Siena was able to give me a more in-depth look at this. I also loved the apartment I lived in and how close it was to the Piazza del Campo- only a few steps away! The size of the program was only 9 students, so that created a very close, personal group. Most of the time, we all took additional trips with each other that were a blast!
Overall, I am extremely happy I chose Siena as the city to study in through IES!

Would you recommend this program?
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IES is wonderful and I would highly recommend to anyone. The staff is extremely helpful and were there for every student whenever we needed them. The field studies and trips taken were educational and so much fun. It is something I will never forget.