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The experience I've had with Big Beyond in Uganda was simply unique, beyond all my previous experiences.
First of all, Bwindi forest and its surroundings is a magical place to work at.Every time you wake up and see the misty hills or the rising sun, you just have to be amazed. At least I was.Every morning you start with a big smile on your face, not only thanks to the place where you stay, but also thanks to the georgeous, friendly, warm and hospitable house stuff and amazing breakfasts they make for you.
The most amazing thing about Big Beyond is the fact, that you don't have to be qualified or to have some previous experiences to volunteer out there.Me, as a student, I was a bit afraid of being useless as I haven't had some stable job or practice yet.But in fact you don't need any of such things.You only need openess, flexibility and energy to give out.Every simple human being has absolutely different skills that can be useful when you're able to transfer them.And then it's simple - THE MORE YOU GIVE, THE MORE YOU GAIN. You'll get incredible experiences and after some time spent in those places, you reevaluate things and kind of realize what's important and what's not.
Another great thing about BB is that all of the projects are tailored according to your own skills and abilities.Me, as a person interested in health care and nature lover, I could be involved in health care and conservation projects, as our knowledge is simply much higher than their, even without being a doctor or whatever.
At the end I would say that I do not regret any single day I spent there. Even though you sometimes get the feeling that you don't make a big impact, the big impact is composed of many little things each person does and I'm very very happy to be a part of it.

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