A totally amazing and unforgettable experience!

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I loved every second of my time with Big Beyond in Uganda and have since been back with them 2 more times. They totally welcomed me into the Big Beyond family and I felt safe and well looked after at all times. I was immersed into the local community from day one and made firm friends with local people as well as other volunteers during my time there.
Big Beyond adapted my program to my interests and skills and I had a diverse and extremely enjoyable teaching program. I worked with a range of local teachers and I know that the work that I carried out will have a sustainable impact on the community.
This organisation is the only one I have found which has real, sustainable impact and I could not imagine volunteering with another organisation.
Big Beyond make work fun every single day and I had so many brilliant and memorable experiences with them.
I would recommend anyone to go with this organisation to Uganda, go with an open mind, positive energy and you will have the time of your life whilst supporting the welcoming local community.

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