The most beautiful place and most beautiful people on earth

Impact: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I was very fortunate and blessed to go to Big beyond in Uganda. The ethos of '' a hand up, not a hand out'' meant that you could really listen to what the community hoped for , and then use you experience, and time to support. it was fantastic to be part of the community, who were gracious, friendly, generous and grateful. I worked along side inspiring and dedicated local project coordinators, who were well respected in their community, and help facilitate experiences you could never imagine. I was doing health talks to the children in schools, part of an ongoing programme. Some of the highlights were doing health talks to 20 women, leading on to very interesting and relevant discussion of their health concerns.The care from the house staff was wonderful, delicious breakfasts and so many different ways with beans! The team of volunteers was great, an amazing experience by living and working and playing together. The English project manager and house manager were outstanding, always helpful, caring, selfless. Literally giving away his mosquito net and blanket for the needs of the volunteers .
The saying TIA, This is Africa, helped, as things often do not go to plan, but there is always another volunteer to accompany leading to a totally unique and different experience. I would whole heartedly advise anyone who enjoys a challenge, is flexible, loves people to go for it! Volunteering with Big Beyond is all about the time spent with people, relationships, not about the number of tasks completed in a day.

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I realise that staff and volunteers may have changed, and you can not control adults, but the '' rules'' we sign about behaviour could be re iterated , especially about the alcohol consumption of volunteers. It is difficult to give health talks about the dangers of excessive alcohol, when a few of the volunteers are regularly drunk. Also there was great stress within the team about power and internet access. Maybe you could say in the handbook not available, then if there is any it is a bonus
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