Outback Adventure

Housing: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 7
Safety: 10

My host family were incredible and looked after me so well. I really did feel like a member of their family. One of my favourite memories with the girls comes from my love of the story the 'Gruffalo' the girls had never heard this story so being my all time favourite I ordered them a copy. I read it to them countless times, including silly voices for each character!! Then one day I put on some music whilst we were doing some craft activities. Florence And The Machine 'You got the love' came on, to which the youngest girl heard it as you 'You Gruffalo'!!! so we spent probably the next half an hour dancing around the house singing to the newly named Gruffalo song!! For the rest of the time I was with the family and I played music, the girls always requested the Gruffalo song. Now whenever hear that song it always reminds me of those amazing six months I was lucky enough to spend in and amazing place with and incredible family.

Being placed in the outback gave me a chance to see the real side of Australia that being in a city wouldn't have allowed me to see. Yes it was isolated, yes it was a 4 hour drive to the supermarket, yes I saw snakes, yes I saw spiders, yes there wasn't a huge social scene but being out there gave me the chance to see things that I may never see and experience again. One of my favourite being the sunsets, even after six months the sunrises and sunsets out there still amazed me, the creatures that I saw, kangaroos, wallabies, blue tongued lizards, emu, cockatoos, pelicans, the list could go on and on. Sure if you go to a zoo you will get to see them, but I got to see them all in their natural habitat and living in the wild, I even saw some Kangaroos boxing!! I swam in the river which was like being in a bath, learnt to fish, spent many evening beer in hand in the pool watching the sunset followed by a barbecue, Bliss!!

Ok so there are a list of cons to living in the outback but the pros well and truly out weigh them. the lifestyle is so relaxed away form all the hustle and bustle. Just you, your host family and nature that goes on for miles and miles around!! Where else could you get that.

Oh and if all those experiences aren't valuable enough, I got paid to do the job! Which funded sine incredible travelling afterwards!

Would I do it all again? YES without a doubt!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed