It's All Greek to Me

Academics: 6
Support: 9
Fun: 6
Housing: 7
Safety: 8

Coffee is a HUGE part of Greek culture. However, coffee is a social even among the Greeks who will sit in a cafe for several hours and only drink one cup. I, being the typical American, am addicted to coffee and drink several cups a day. Not only am I a frequent drinker, but I drink my cappuccinos very sweet. During my time living in the Athens neighborhood of Pagrati, I became friendly with the baristas of several of the local coffee shops. They recognized me when I came up to order and knew what I wanted every time (or at least thought they did). One of the barista's at a shop I frequented always would greet me, and say with confidence what he thought was my order. He would get it wrong every single time but after a while it became a game. Even though it was a small interaction that would happen once or twice a week, it was one of the many little things that made my time in Greece so special to me.

At a different coffee shop, I would order three scoops of sugar in my cappuccino (like I always did) but at this particular shop outside the Acropoli Metro exit, the barista would always double check that I really meant three scoops, and, once confirming that I did mean three, he would smile, turn around, and chuckle to himself.

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