Great Experience in Pokhara, Nepal, Work with the Blind

Impact: 4
Support: 5
Fun: 4
Value: 4
Safety: 5

I was happy with the Program I specific chose. To work and live with the blind was not difficult at all. I received a very nice and warm welcome from them. For me, it's a great challenging that I had to learn and understand how to communicate with the blind. How to communicate with the blind taught me how to think both; as me and as the blind at the same time.

I worked directly with the founder and executive director of IEC Nepal in Pokhara and I also lived at his place with his family. The Home Office has an amazing view of Annapurna and Himalayas, fresh air,... and nice and cleaned location.

We did not only talked and shared ideas, opinions about the programs for the blind, but also share any information about living, hygiene, nutrition, culture, and more....

I wrote a proposal for fund raising to an international organization in Europe. I joined with them for any situation as much as I could, and also as a part of the family.

I think, the Blind or any program for disable people really needs more volunteers. Let's make different !!

Special thanks for Kelly, Mike, LV staffs and Keshab, Manoj of the local team. Guys, you did very professionally and very impressive for all suggestion, information, management, and friendliness.

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I think it would be better if the programs for disable people receive more volunteers to work at least 1 month. And please give more information, about the organization (of disable people) to volunteers.

For example, what is going on with the organization that volunteer(s) is/are going to join, to work with them. The volunteer(s) can prepare his/herself/themselves early.