Argentina 2015!

Housing: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 8
Value: 5
Safety: 10

First of all, Argentina as a country is bloody brilliant. Some incredible, places, people and things to do.
The Peak Leaders course there was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone. The weather can be pretty variable. When its good, its incredible, but when its bad it can be very grim. The snow is surprisingly good! Can't ski down to the bottom, but after training, its actually quite nice to get the chair down!
The first couple of weeks got a bit slow with the instructing from the local instructors if i'm honest, but as soon as the BASI guys came, everyones skiing improved dramatically!
Had such a good bunch of other people on the course which made the social side really fun, however the clubs and everything didn't really let us in... so on that part, it wasn't too great. But the hotel is awesome and we had it all to ourselves which was a massive bonus.
Would have liked a bit more freedom in the evenings but it is a course where you get a qualification at the end, so can't really complain about having lectures and having to study!
All in all, it was an amazing 2 months and my only regret was not staying out longer to see more of Argentina and all the other countries in South America!

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Cut out some of the first weeks where we had the local instructors. They didn't really help our skiing, and would have been nice to have those weeks for free skiing and time to explore maybe. Also be more specific when describing what is included in the price. Most of us thought the Catt skiing and Spanish lessons were included...
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