Apply for a Study Abroad in New Zealand Scholarship

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Why Study Abroad in New Zealand?

New Zealanders are always up for the an adventure or challenge. If adventure is your game, then New Zealand is the place for you. Try every extreme sport offered there to get your adrenaline rush -- bungee jumping, skydiving, caving, canyoning, rafting, zip lining, and much more.
Learn to think new. New Zealand offers every student an education with an emphasis on independent thinking and innovation. With eight world class universities and 18 polytechnics and institutes of technology, New Zealand ensures an internationally recognized education to help you succeed anywhere in the world.
Home to dozens of vibrant communities, including globally renowned artists, musicans, and chefs, New Zealand is a world-class destination for experiencing vibrant cities. Explore lively nightlife, restaurants, and shops in New Zealand's urban centers.
With beautiful landscapes just a moment away from all of New Zealand's cities, New Zealanders embrace escaping the hustle and bustle of the city to pursue a happier and healthier life. Join them and explore mountain vistas, ancient forests, volcanic landscapes, and stunning coastlines.
Inspiring the extraordinary, New Zealand is home to fresh thinking. Kiwi student Jake Evill, creator of the award-winning Cortex 3D printed cast, is only one example of Kiwi students challenging the status quo and creating solutions through forward thinking.
From strangers to friends, New Zealand is a diverse country with warm locals. Kiwis are open to new ideas and opinions, encouraging international students to find their voice here. If you're down-to-earth, creative, innovative, and honest, then you'll fit right in at any campus in New Zealand.