Cuba-Russia Connection: Studies in Cultural Diplomacy

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Cuba and Russia make for excellent case studies in cultural diplomacy. Their music, literature, and art has extended far beyond their borders, entering the international canons for these forms of human expression. While both might be cast in critical lights for their politics, they are almost always revered for their cultures.

You will visit both Cuba and Russia to better understand this phenomenon. You will participate in classroom discussions as well as a hands-on cultural exploration of Havana and St. Petersburg. You will better understand the cultures, languages, and histories of these lands as well as how their cultural projections continue to affect the image abroad of these two countries that have played strategic and often interrelated roles in US foreign policy.

  • Case studies and visits to live projects will expose students to various instruments and approaches in cultural diplomacy including the intersection of business and culture, tourism, education, sports and the arts.
  • This program includes extensive cultural programming outside of the classroom.
  • This program has quite an intensive schedule. If you are engaged in research related to the course topic, we can support your efforts.
  • Walking tours of Central and Old Havana, Moscow, and St. Petersburg
  • Socials with Locals: Mixers with young Russians.

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