Jamaican Cultural Educational Field Trips

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We have collaborated with several universities, museums, government organizations, recording studios and plantations to develop unique and informative field courses aimed at educating students from around the world about the rich Jamaican culture.

These Educational Field Trips will see students travelling to Jamaica and being truly immersed in the Jamaican way of life. Some of our most popular educational topics are Reggae Music, our native Patois dialect, rum and sugar making, Jamaican cuisine, coffee growing and the Rastafarian culture among others.

These Educational Trips are unique in that they allow students from all over the world to get firsthand knowledge of these unique aspects of the Jamaican culture, instead of simply being taught about them in a classroom setting. Students are plunged into the field, where they will actively engage in the lessons.

For students seeking to earn course credit, we are also able to facilitate this. Contact us for more information.

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