YFU High School Study Abroad in Paraguay

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Living in the land of "many rivers" will certainly be an experience you won't want to forget.

A YFU exchange program is the learning adventure of a lifetime. YFU is a homestay experience where you will live with a carefully selected host family who has agreed to open their home and their hearts to you providing room, board, and a caring home. You'll gain a global family, make new friends, and attend a new school. Have a journey you could have never imagined at home, and you'll discover that the YFU experience is a powerful engine for personal growth.

Spend time outdoors with the many hiking and camping trails and you may see the world’s largest rodent, the Capybara, which looks like a giant guinea pig! If you’re more interested in arts and crafts, the people of Paraguay would be happy to teach you embroidery and lace making.

  • Spend your time abroad volunteering for a cause you are passionate about with YFU's volunteer program to Paraguay.
  • Explore ecological parks, waterfalls, and museums with an optional excursion to Ciudad del Este.

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