Muslim Identity in the Modern World: Facts, Threats, and Prospects

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The International ILEM Summer School (IISS) discusses various aspects of crucial issues pertaining to the Islamic world every program. In the IISS 7, the broad theme to be discussed is Muslim Identity in the Modern World. The trajectories of Muslim Identity are an exceedingly important intellectual resource for making sense of the Muslim question in the present world. The IISS 7 is geared towards earnestly comprehending these trajectories alongside, in the light of both historical and contemporary developments, attending to the range of challenges that the Muslim identity confronts in the modern world. Core issues/concerns related to significant inquiries, it is hoped, could be looked into within the subthemes Theoretical and Historical Frameworks and Contemporary Debates and Future Prospects.

Program Highlights
  • Sociological and Political Dimension of Islam and Identity
  • Theoretical and Philosophical Debates on the Muslim Identity and Representation
  • Muslim Identities in Non-Muslim Countries
  • Crises and Formation of Muslim Identity in Religiously Diverse Societies
  • Capitalism, Consumption, and Muslim Identities

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