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    • Jakarta
4 - 12 weeks

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Salary / Benefits
we accommodate volunteers with:
- a place to stay during volunteering job
- daily meal (Indonesian food)
- transportation, for participants to do sightseeing on weekends
- Internet access
- Certificate of recognition for volunteer work, sanctioned by Indonesian Institute of Sciences (only for volunteeering period more than 3 months)
Dec 03, 2015
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About Program

In our center, we serve clients in two categories, curative and generative intervention. In curative intervention, we work with special needs children, eg. autistics, ADHD, low IQ and cases alike. While in generative intervention, mostly we work to boost client's learning potential, eg. increasing focus, memory, confidence, motivation etc. Stuffs that relate to their learning performance. Our clients ranging from 5 yo to 25 yo, with different conditions and objectives. Mostly work conducted in one-on-one and on daily basis.

Generally we need volunteer to improve our clients with english. Since our center better classified as a therapy/coaching center, (not specifically an english course) so we achieve that goal by employing certain methods, one of them is Suggestopedia (Gregory Lozanov). And English can be classified as a secondary outcome.

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