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Hibiscus Learning Abroad Experiences was officially founded in 2013 by Lauren Markey, who had independently been coordinating volunteer travel experiences for many years, for various NGO’s (non government organizations) throughout Costa Rica. Through these valuable partnerships with the organizations, Lauren decided to create Hibiscus to better manage the different experiences for the volunteers and other participants she had in her care. Hibiscus operates throughout the province of Puntarenas Costa Rica. Hibiscus has successfully aided thousands of individual volunteers, interns, and students as well as numerous customized group experiences.
We believe learning does not always happen within four walls and that experiential learning is extremely valuable to higher education and personal growth.

Hibiscus Travels offers travel arrangements, staff support, and program coordination for the following types of programs:
Service Learning: Hibiscus provides service learning through volunteering and internships. Hibiscus works with individuals and coordinating group travel, working primarily with educational and corporate groups. Not only do the partnering NGO’s get better and more organized volunteer and internship efforts, it’s essential to creating a more impactful experience for the participants - which is equally as important. We have found that by eliminating volunteer agencies, we can cut participants' costs dramatically, while still channeling money directly into the programs that they are designed to help.
Language Learning: We prepare our students for living and teaching English abroad through our TESOL program. We also share the beautiful culture and language of Spanish with our students in our Spanish School.
Excursions: Hibiscus shares the beautiful scenery, interesting culture, and thrill-seeking adventures with our participants through our tours and excursions.

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