Grassland Birds Study in the Pampas

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Volunteer opportunity to work as field assistant in a long-term study of breeding biology of various ground-nesting birds (Anthus spp., Sicalis luteola, Ammodramus humeralis, Nothura maculosa and others), in a Biosphere Reserve (Parque Costero del Sur, MAB-UNESCO) in Punta Indio, Buenos Aires povince, Argentina. We collect information on reproductive success, foraging behavior, chick growth rates, population trends and behavior ecology. Fieldwork includes searching and monitoring bird nests, and behavioral observations.

Volunteers are needed from October 21st 2019 to December 16th 2019 and will stay in a rustic field camp 25 km away from the nearest town. Applicants must be willing to work hard and be self motivated. Good physical condition is preferred.

Volunteers must provide their own airfare to Buenos Aires, and transportation from Buenos Aires to La Plata. They should bring their own tent and sleeping bag if possible.

  • Opportunity to work inside a natural reserve in the Pampas
  • Learn field ornithology techniques and get in touch with the studied species
  • Know up to 300 native species in the area
  • Learn and practice Spanish while in the camp


The project aims to identify potential risks for grassland ground-nesting birds in a reserve area (Parque Costero del Sur, MAB-UNESCO) with multiple human activities, including cattle and agriculture. Data obtained will be part of a PhD thesis at University of La Plata and used for scientific publications and conservation programs in Buenos Aires province.

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