The Great Orangutan Project

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Mass deforestation, mining, forest fires, and the illegal pet trade mean the orangutan's habitat and their population is depleting. The threat that continually looms above their heads is greater than ever and sadly, this intelligent species is now classed as critically endangered. The Matang Wildlife Centre provides a refuge for rescued, orphaned and injured orangutans and a diverse range of other wildlife.

As a volunteer, you will actively participate in the efforts to help improve the lives of the orangutans and simultaneously assisting in ensuring their future. This enables the Sarawak Forestry Corporation to focus on the rehabilitation of the orangutans in Borneo and all the surrounding wildlife. The ultimate aim of the centre is to eventually reintroduce the primates to the wild, where they will live in a protected environment. This fundamental aspect of this conservation would be almost impossible without the hard work and dedication of volunteers.

  • Helping to create enrichment for the orangutans.
  • Take part in construction tasks at the sanctuary.
  • Explore Malaysian Borneo on the weekend.
  • Feed and care for a wide range of animals.
  • Welcome and farewell dinners with fellow volunteers.

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Hi Deborah, As this project is based at a rehabilitation sanctuary there are orangutans, sun bears and other animals here year round. Therefore, regarding wildlife, there is no preferred time to volunteer. Weather, however, can have an impact on your preferred travel dates. Whilst it can rain all year round due to it being a rainforest climate, the distinctive rainy season is between November and...


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