Volunteer Abroad in Costa Rica with United Planet for 1-52 Weeks

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Try a Quest that takes you to one of the most relaxed, welcoming and magnificently beautiful countries on the planet. Costa Rica is rich with biodiversity, dense rainforests, volcanos and gentle, kind people. As a United Planet volunteer, you participate in a true learning exchange whether you are working to conserve the country's precious landscape, assisting teachers in a local school, or making the day brighter for the elderly living in assisted care.

In so many ways, this experience will be life-changing. Slow down and appreciate a different pace of life – you’ll feel at home in this family-oriented culture. United Planet is the US and Canadian member of the International Cultural Youth Exchange, or ICYE. As an international non-profit, ACI has promoted cross-cultural exchange between young people all over the world since 1967.

Enroll in our Volunteer Quest Program to Ghana, Romania, Argentina, Nepal and New Zealand before January 31st!

During the month of January, United Planet will offer $250 Travel Grants to anyone who enrolls in a program to Ghana, Romania, Argentina, Nepal, and New Zealand (valid for any duration in that country). Enroll Today!

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