LRTT Guyana teacher training

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LRTT Guyana starts in the country’s capital city, Georgetown, where the colour and vibrancy of the country comes alive! From there we will head into some of the most remote areas on the planet to work with teachers who have classes of such disparate abilities. Although some training is available, there is no requirement for teachers to be qualified and over 60% come straight into the profession after leaving secondary school. As well as being under-resourced, the teaching profession is not held in as high esteem as it should be and LRTT is hoping to help change this.

Our project in Guyana aims to build on the work done in 2016: to really engage the teachers we work with in modern training techniques that bring classrooms to life and improve student outcomes. We will work with a huge range of teachers from those in the capital to teachers in much more remote areas close to the Brazilian border.

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