English Club: English Language Exchange in Hungary

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Tata Hungary
Tata Hungary


The chance to communicate with native English speakers is a real benefit to Hungarian participants of this program, many of whom will not have spoken to English speakers before.

Through conversation around subjects provided by us, or through discussing your own interests and concerns you can enrich the vocabulary and understanding of your conversation partner. Regular changes mean you will meet and talk to a range of Hungarians male and female, an opportunity in one to one sessions to share culture as well as language.

Natural English are language professionals in Hungary, and it is our belief that people learn more when they are relaxed and stress free in comfortable surroundings and a supportive atmosphere. We will help you understand the keys to teaching English effectively and provide you will certification of taking part in a 70 hour teaching program, as well as the experience of a life

No experience is necessary, although teachers are welcome.

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