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A small school called R.R.U.P. exists in Kerala, India. It was created to welcome all students, free-of-charge, regardless of race, caste, religion, or any other potential barrier. Today, Kerala Volunteer exists to connect volunteer English-speaking teachers with the school to help the children better learn the English language, in turn, enabling them to go on to university and find jobs outside of their small village. The school is only 50-60 students, with class sizes between 10 and 25. Volunteers are only asked to teach 3 hours per day, and are provided with their own housing on site, free of charge. Kerala Volunteer charges absolutely no agency fees.

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My daily routines consisted of teaching three grades English as a second language. The students differed immensely in abilities so I had to ensure I was reaching out to all, which is a hard task and harder here given the language barrier. Doing interactive games coupled with vocan and grammar bundling was the best way I found to teach effectively.

Outside the classroom lots of fun was had with the students and teachers, friendships were made and lots of amazing memories!

Thanks RRUP!

How can this program be improved?
Having set times each day for the classes as to have a routine for all involved.
Yes, I recommend this program

About Kerala Volunteer

Volunteer in beautiful Kerala, India! No agency fees, free housing, and only 3-4 hours of volunteer teaching per day- the rest is time to explore! Immerse yourself in Kerala's beautiful culture at our small village school of low-middle income...