Help At-Risk Youth through Teaching English in an Israeli Village

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teacher and students in classroom
teacher and students in classroom


An insufficient grasp of the English language can be a major socioeconomic barrier for Israelis in the periphery, who often do not have regular exposure to native English speakers.

Israel Teaching Fellows- Youth Villages is a 10-month service-learning program for English-speaking young adults.

Ma'ase Olam-Masa Israel Teaching Fellows works to close Israel's achievement gap by bringing college graduates from English-speaking countries to Israel to tutor students in one on one and small group settings, to serve as English teachers' aids, and to lead special English-based activities in Israeli schools and youth centers.

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About Maase Olam

Ma'ase Olam is a subdivision of an expansive, award winning Israeli nonprofit called Mercaz Ma'ase. Ma'ase ("deed" or "action" in Hebrew) was established in 2004 to promote the value of volunteering and to spearhead professional volunteer frameworks...