Volunteering Journeys With Children in South Africa

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Volunteering in South Africa
Volunteering in South Africa


South Africa is a nation that will take your breath away with its people, culture and natural habitat. It has a lot of potential to develop however much of its future hope lies with the youth of this great country. A lot has been achieved by the post-apartheid regime to implement a fully inclusive and comprehensive education system, but the sad reality is that the quality of education that a child receives is largely dependent on their location and family wealth. Classrooms are under resourced and overcrowded with 40+ children to only one local teacher. Volunteers are desperately needed here where you would help with education as well sports and art.

For those who love animal, our Big 5 Conservation program bring you closer to the wildlife of Africa. You can intern or volunteer at a real game reserve and work with expert rangers and animal conservationists in helping them to protect animals in wild. This is a real hands on program giving you a taste of the wild side of Africa!

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