Teach English to a Host Family in South Korea

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Yummy Korean food!
Yummy Korean food!
Korean Art!
Korean Art!
Become part of a Korean family!
Become part of a Korean family!
Try new food in Korea!
Try new food in Korea!
Try Martial Arts!
Try Martial Arts!


Join Cultural Homestay International's World Explorers on a conversation volunteer program in South Korea! CHI offers individuals the opportunity to volunteer their time teaching English to a host-family while also learning about Korean culture and language by living and learning in South Korea. Volunteer will be asked to give a maximum of 15 hours of English lessons a week to their host-families. In return, volunteers receive free room and board!

CHIs partner agency is located in Seoul. Recent placements have been in Daegu and also on Jeju Island! Come explore the Korean lifestyle in one of the most amazing cities in the world!

This conversation volunteer program is an excellent opportunity for volunteers to gain a new perspective in Korean culture by staying with a host-family and learning about local customs and traditions. Visit the Cultural Homestay International website to learn more about this conversation volunteer program in South Korea!

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Apply for World Explorers before the end of 2018 and get $200 off!
The discount applies to the following destinations: Spain, France, Germany, Japan and South Korea.

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Hello! Is it okay if I don't speak Korean? Does it include round trip airfare?? And will the host family offer food or is it also on us?


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Yes, I recommend this program

A month in South Korea

I had the most life changing trip to South Korea. I wanted to make sure I truly wanted to study the Asian languages in college and I had a chance to go abroad. At first it was hard to get used to how safe it was and how I could just walk around. I had an amazing experience and I recommend that everyone try to go abroad. My host family was amazing and took care of me very well. Since I am only 18 I worried that it would be hard to travel and it would be very hard for me to take care of myself. They were a little shy at first but they really opened up to me after a while. My host family had three kids and they were all very kind. If anyone is worried about their relationship with a host family, just talk with them. They really are willing to make anything work and help you.

What was the most nerve-racking moment and how did you overcome it?
I had never traveled before and I had decided to go to Korea. I was a solo traveler but I recommend it because you truly have time to get to know yourself. The being alone was scary at first but it’s not nearly as bad as you would think.

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