Volunteering in-spite of the Coronavirus. Online & onsite in the Swiss mountains.

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Bettering the world. We are both looking for manual and creative help.

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Help take care of the place itself (if onsite) and help using whatever skills you have. Step out of your comfort zone and really make a positive impact to the environment and to people around the world. Together we can make it happen.

Here are some volunteer projects we offer:
- The biodiversity mass extinction topic
- Organize scientists to speak with a collective voice about what needs to be done
- Affordable housing to give our latest generations a chance
- To improve world wide communication
- To report about those (leaders, countries, places, companies) that do good
- To encourage others to do less bad

  • Volunteer in the Swiss mountains


- Bio Diversity (Stop the mass extinction)
- Human rights
- Woman rights
- Rights for alternative lifestyles
- Affordable housing
- Different type of journalism

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