My spouse isn't a teacher but a mechanic and is willing to travel with me. How would he find employment?

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Our primary countries at this time are South America and Asia


Hm. This is kind of a hard one. I will say that your spouse doesn't have to also teach -- he/she can absolutely find a job in a different field -- I'm just not sure what kind of jobs are out there for mechanics... Maybe get in touch with some NGOs in the area and see if they could use an experienced mechanic on their team?? Just a thought!

Depending on his age, it could be possible for him to acquire a "working holiday visa". These are normally valid for one year, but are sometimes limiting in the type of work you can do (i.e. bar, restaurant, etc.). But it at least allows a person to legally reside and earn income in a foreign country. I recommend googling the country you're interested in moving to + "working holiday visas". Hope that helps!

From what I understand, working holiday visas are only available for Americans in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and Ireland:…

This is a tricky situation and one you will want to research ahead of time as it can be difficult to find legal work abroad once you are in a new destination. Perhaps he could consider teaching as well just for a short period to travel with you or find work online. In the mechanical field, he can search for jobs in your host country and apply online ahead of time. Best of luck!