Gap Year and Travel Adventure in Kenya

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This project offers the opportunity to volunteer with sea turtles in Kenya and take part in a variety of different sea turtle conservation related projects, as listed below. We are happy to discuss each area of work with you and are also open to your suggestions and welcome students with research ideas.

Some of the activities are;
- Poaching surveys
- Mangrove seedling collection and replanting
- GPS mapping
- Beach surveys
- Beach clean ups
- Movement pattern research of turtles in Mida Creek
- Mida Creek survey
- Crab catching

Other activities are education and awareness and community development, and volunteers have a choose to participate in multiple projects within the gap year, to open their horizon and scope of skills

  • Opportunity to participate in multipale marine conservation proejcts within gap year
  • Opportunity to tour coastal area and cultural immersions, throughh cooking, camping, scuba diving, surfing among others
  • Opportunity to work with proffesional marine scinetist and skill building through team work

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