Coaching, Career Orientation and Sailing

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Gap year experience, coaching, career orientation and sailing, travel to Malta
Gap year experience, coaching, career orientation and sailing, travel to Malta


Coaching, Career Orientation and Sailing is a two week gap year program designed and developed for young individuals who are faced with the pressure of having to decide what it is that they will do next in their lives, whether entering the job market or applying to University. Trough our program, students will be guided and supported in taking the best career choices for them as they will be exposed to a variety of experiences that will help them to identify the factors that influence their career development together with their abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Sailing lessons are included in the program as a team activity that merges with everyone's experience while allowing deep reflections on group dynamics, leadership, roles inside each team, group management strategies and on the capacity of being teammates. At the end of the Sailing Course, a sailing certificate recognised internationally will be issued.

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Visiting Malta tend to take a backseat when being ocmpared to other popular mediterannead destinations like Greece, Italy, and France. THis island location boast incredible year round weather that will keep you enjoying your beach holiday, whether you are on peaceful Gozo, on the beach, or paragliding.

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