Kivunim International Gap Year Program
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Kivunim International Gap Year Program

KIVUNIM inspires its students to forge a lifelong relationship with Israel and the Jewish People through our travels across the world - gaining understanding of Jewish life and history together with that of the many cultures, religions and worldviews amongst whom the Jewish people grew in its 2000 year Diaspora. Our international travels build and deepen Jewish identity within the context of an emerging sense of “world-consciousness” both as Jews and as citizens of the world. We welcome students from all backgrounds in the belief that mutual understanding can only enhance the possibilities for greater peace and justice Our academic (30 college credits) program complements and interacts with our world travel and teaches students to interpret the past and understand the present in order to build and insure the future. KIVUNIM believes that education must take place within a context of lofty goals and aspirations filled with optimism tempered by reality.

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Program Reviews (4)

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24 years old
Sunnyvale, California; Charleston, South Carolina
College of Charleston

Best Experience Ever


Typical day in Israel includes classes with engaging professors, time to roam around Jerusalem (or Israel), and lots of great food.

International trips include visiting iconic historical places like the Hagia Sofia and the Taj Mahal.

This program definitely teaches you to travel light and to appreciate what we have. I could not be happier with my experience.

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24 years old
Wellesley College
Wellesley College

Definitely do it!


Excellent exposure to world leaders and people involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. An amazing opportunity to travel around the world and meet Jews. I learned a lot about my heritage, my culture, and myself.

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24 years old
Ithaca, New York
Cornell University

So you think you've been everywhere...


Nothing can prepare you for the combination of places, people, and awesomeness that is Kivunim: New Directions. Nowhere else will you find lifelong friends and experiences you'll look back on forever. Basically, you should go; it's the single best preparation for college out there.

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24 years old
Columbus, Ohio

The Program of a Lifetime


Live in heart of Jerusalem, Israel in an amazing top-notch youth hostel with a view that overlooks the Old City of Jerusalem. Learn Arabic and Hebrew, along with Middle East History and Civilizations. You'll also get to volunteer one day each week, at an organization of your choice. Throughout the year you'll go on five international trips to ten countries!! I went to Greece, Bulgaria, Spain, Morocco, Turkey, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and India! While there, you'll learn about the countries rich history, see amazing sights, and will explore the Jewish community that once was or still is there. This programs takes becoming a world citizen and coexistence to a whole new level.

About The Provider


Kivunim's New Directions program is a year-long program designed for college students who seek to learn more about Israel and Jewish heritage. Students will travel to Israel and around the world to gain new perspective on Israel and Zionism. The program will be an eye-opener,