• Namibia
12 - 26 weeks
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Nov 22, 2019
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Spend your gap year in Namibia, an unforgettable experience that will surely change your perspective on international development! With this Canyons to Coast Expedition, sponsored by British Schools Exploring Society (BSES), participants will spend a year between the Ugab river system, the massive Brandberg Massif, and the Skeleton Coast, and the ancient Namib Desert. By spending a year in the stark wilderness, travelers will be forced to rely upon their own resources, learning how to identify edible food and navigate by day and night, amongst other necessary survival skills.

Expeditions will be split into two groups—one observing the rock art of Brandberg Massif by bivouacking up the steep incline, and another noting the migratory patterns of elephants on the savannah. Both opportunities allow participants an incredibly unique into basic survival and the natural habitats of several bush mammals and reptiles.

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