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Dynamy Internship Year offers full-year, semester (fall/spring) and summer placements.

When taking a semester at Dynamy, you may choose to enroll in the fall or spring option. Both of these options offer 1 internship cycle. Students begin their semester with a 10-day Adventure Challenge followed by orientation and their internship cycle. During their internships, students engage in the "real working world" to establish professional relationships, time management, and further develop their interests. Aside from their internships, students practice independent living skills, weekly advising and money management. Given that our semester is a shorter period of time, it is ideal for students who have other commitments that interfere with a long-term placement. We do allow students to re-apply for the following semester should they desire to complete a full year at Dynamy.

  • Independent Living Skills- Students will learn to live independently in apartments with other Dynamy students where they are responsible for their own meals, cleaning and managing their schedule.
  • Advising and Mentoring- Students will meet weekly with their internship advisor where goals, successes and challenges are discussed.
  • Experiential Learning and Professional Skills- Students will work 28 hours a week, Tuesday through Friday, at their internship location for roughly seven hours each day.
  • Life Skills- Students will participate in budgeting workshops, time management and other foundational executive functioning skills.
  • College and Career Exploration- Students will work with our onsite college counselor, as well as their advisor, to discuss transition options for both college bound students and those entering the workforce.

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