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Dynamy Internship Year offers full-year, semester (fall/spring) and summer placements.

When partaking in our summer program, you will complete 1 internship cycle. Students begin their semester with a 2-day Adventure Challenge followed by orientation and their internship cycle. During their internships, students engage in the "real working world" to establish professional relationships, time management and further develop their interests. Aside from their internships, students practice independent living skills, weekly advising and money management.

In this program, students will also enjoy weekly field trips/fun activities to bond with peers and truly enjoy their summer. The summer program is a great fit for students who are going to school in the fall and are looking to be productive with the months leading up to college. We do allow students to re-apply for the fall semester or full year program, should they desire to gain more experience by continuing their time at Dynamy.

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About Dynamy Internship Year

Dynamy Internship Year is a challenging and engaging gap year for students ages 17-22 who are interested in exploring and discovering career paths through hands-on learning. We understand that students have taken many paths to reach Dynamy, thus...