Backpackers: The North

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Our goal is simple: to improve your mind-body and emotional stamina, while experiencing an adventure of a lifetime as we travel through Quebec’s cities and national parks. In the backcountry, you will gain skills camping, cycling, and canoeing. This is a two-credit, high school program that takes place in both the Fall and Spring terms. The hands-on application of new skills each day will ignite your energy level and supercharge your brain. We call it a ‘Mind and Body Boot Camp.’

  • 6:1 Student to Staff Ratio
  • Camping, Kayaking, and Hiking in various Canadian National Parks
  • Montreal and Quebec City Touring
  • Mind and Body Boot Camp
  • Experiential Learning

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Yes, I recommend this program

MEI Academy Backpackers: The North

This was such a life-changing and unique experience. I had the opportunity to travel around Quebec while studying grade 11 English and grade 12 Human Dimensions. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by an incredible group of teachers and classmates with whom I instantly built a connection. I enhanced my writing abilities and mastered new learning techniques that will be useful in my future academics. Also, I was equipped with a new set of camping and leadership skills. Overall, this experience was extremely beneficial for my personal and academic growth.

What was your funniest moment?
With so many unforgettable memories, it's nearly impossible to choose the funniest moment. However, I can assure you that every minute you spend with your classmates and staff on this adventure will stick with you forever. From evenings by the campfire to all-day hikes, there will never be a dull moment and you'll always have a reason to laugh and smile. You will meet extraordinary individuals on this trip who will change your life forever, and trust me, afterwards, you won't be able to pick just one funny moment to share either.
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Yes, I recommend this program

MEI International Academy

This was an amazing experience! I took Human Dimensions and grade 11 English while travelling and camping through Quebec. The teacher to student ratio was 1-2.25 and I feel that I built a personal connection with each teacher. I learned so much about my personal learning style and how I can be successful in school as well as an abundance of knowledge about public speaking, poetry, essay writing, story analysis, cooking, budgeting, health and so much more. I would recommend this program to anyone!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Be sure to really engage with the teachers and your environment! As long as you try your best and make the effort to learn and explore, you will have an amazing experience.
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