Community Choice Awards 2019

What are the Community Choice Awards?

We created the Go Overseas Community Choice Awards to recognize the best travel organizations and providers in the world. We host over 10,000 providers on Go Overseas, which means we had thousands of reviews to consider for the awards! Winners were chosen by our 1,000,000+ strong community, based solely on their program reviews.

Meet The Winners

We broke the winners down into the 9 categories we’ve used to organize Go Overseas: Study, Volunteer, Teach, Intern, Gap Year, High School, Language Schools, TEFL, and Tours & Trips. Each section deserved its own article. Read on below.


Study Abroad


Volunteer Abroad


Teach Abroad


Internships Abroad


Gap Year Abroad


TEFL Courses


High School Abroad


Language Schools


Tours & Trips

How We Scored Programs for the 2019 Go Overseas Community Choice Awards

To find the best providers on Go Overseas, we looked at every review left on the site between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. Any provider who received three or more reviews was considered.

To choose the Overall Best Providers, we looked at the average scores each provider received across all their programs and categories. First, we averaged each provider's scores, then weighted the score based on the number of reviews they received.

We then looked at each of the review categories and the average scores each provider received. The provider with the best score in each category won that award. Providers who won the Overall Best award were not eligible to win a category award.

Questions about these awards? Email us.