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Blyth Academy Global High School provides grade 11, 12 and GAP year students with the opportunity to earn high school and AP credits while travelling to some of the most fascinating places on earth.

Students will visit 2-3 countries in each eight-term, and earn two credits in each one. We take our students out of the classroom and into the world so that they are inspired to learn more as they explore their cultural surroundings. All courses are fully accredited and are accepted by all colleges and universities.

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Tuition, housing, breakfast and dinner Bring enough local currency to pay for a few public transit trips per day, a light lunch (unless provided), some water, and entrance fees for any local sites that you would like to visit during your free time. Many students also like to bring a little money for extras such as gelato, movie tickets, a gondola ride, or souvenirs. Please anticipate around $150...
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Living the dream!

When I graduated from elementary school my mother promised me that she would take me to London as a gift. London has always been her favourite city and I hoped to experience its beauty as well. Yet, that year she was diagnosed with a migraine condition and was unable to travel, much less even go out to many public places. When my family heard of Blyth Global High School it was the perfect opportunity for me to live out my dreams and my mothers dreams for me. I will never forget the time I went to London and saw Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye, etc. I had amazing time with amazing people and although I wish I could have been there with my mother; I wouldn't change it for the world.

How can this program be improved?
If I could change anything about GHS it would be the organization. I would like to know further ahead of time about important events and how things will be running.
Yes, I recommend this program

About Blyth Academy Global High School

Blyth Academy Global High School offers grade 11, 12 and GAP year students the opportunity to earn their high school credits while travelling to some of the most fascinating destinations on earth. Student may enroll for an eight week term, a two-term...