Japan Bound Exchange - Virtual Program

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Thank you for joining us! Japan Bound Exchange was created to bridge the gap between students in Japan and the United States! During this 4-week program, you will have the exciting opportunity to communicate with fellow students from halfway across the world. Together, you will get to know each other and learn about new cultures, while discovering more about yourself in the process!

To begin, you will be placed in a pod with several other students. A Facilitator will also be present to guide you through the program, answering any questions you have and providing support and mentorship when needed. Through video submissions and forum discussions, you will explore different areas of your respective cultures together, learning the differences not just between cultures but also between each of your pod-mates’ perspectives.

  • Live online sessions with your pod-mates and facilitator
  • Video submissions
  • Develop your cross-cultural communication skills by working with your pod-mates to create a final project
  • Engage in cultural diffusion as you share about you and your family with your pod
  • Begin preparation for a potential future journey to Japan!

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