YFU High School Study Abroad Program in Poland

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Begin your school year with a two-day arrival orientation followed by a three-week language course. The language course totals 40 hours of language instruction. Students live with YFU host families in the area and attend classes during the week. At the end of this course, you will move to your permanent host family who will host you for the rest of your stay while you attend school.

Once in your new host family, you will begin to get a feel for the Polish way of life as you take classes and make friends at your new high school. Your host family and classmates will show you all the best parts of Poland and give you the chance to improve your grasp of the Polish language. From the large cities like Warsaw and Krakow to the small towns and the countryside, Poland is as beautiful as it is fascinating. As you explore Poland, you'll find an experience and incredible memories to take back with you.

  • Travel to Cracow or the Tri-Cities of Sopot, Gdynia, and Gdansk on optional excursions with YFU

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