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Sep 29, 2023
Oct 05, 2023
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Get ready to raise your sails and embark on the summer sailing adventure of a lifetime! Broadreach sailing voyages are next-level sailing camps for high schoolers. Experience the freedom of living aboard a 50-foot monohull with a crew of new friends. The calm, clear waters of the Caribbean are an ideal place to learn the fundamentals of small and large boat handling. Plan passages and navigate from island to island, exploring mountains, rainforests, waterfalls, and beaches as you go. Over the next three weeks, you'll earn sailing certifications, develop leadership skills, and form lifelong friendships.

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Program Highlights

  • Learn the fundamentals of small and large boat handling, boat racing and laser sailing.
  • Over 21 days, embark on a 500 nautical-mile passage, earning multiple sailing certifications
  • Explore the islands along the arc of the Caribbean, from St. Martin to Grenada.
  • Complete community service projects, earning 5 service hours.

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Yes, I recommend this program

amazing experience

was a little nervous going into but ended up having the most amazing time ever learning so much and meeting so many new people. i learned so much about so many things that i never would have thought i would learned while i was there. we went to coolest places and get to experience the coolest things ever. i was so sad to leave all of my new friends that had been like family for the past few weeks. The councilors were also the kindest and most supportive people ever and were always there to talk about things.

  • adventure
  • new people
  • amazing
  • expensive
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No, I don't recommend this program

Health and Safety Issues!

My daughter just returned from the 12 Day Scuba and Sailing Exploration aboard The Trinidad with three instructors. I want to warn others to consider the following issues before they book this trip.

About a day before the trip we received an email letting us know that the sims card would be removed from the kids phones when they arrived. I understand the need to limit cell phone addiction BUT not being able to communicate with my daughter was not something that I expected. This info was not communicated to us before we booked the trip and that is not right!

My daughter contacted me by about the fifth or sixth day to report to me that she had run out of air during a dive because her tank had a leak and that it caused her nose to gush blood. I was very concerned and alarmed, so I contacted the North Carolina Office and directly emailed, the address recommended for emergencies and for contacting the BR officials that were with the kids in St.M. It took the North Carolina Office over 24 hours to get back to me with a lame message that denied what my daughter told me and NO ONE ANSWERED BACK MY EMAIL!!! The folks that were supposed to be my emergency contact did not even bother to contact me back to answer my concerns about my daughters scuba incident and the safety of the scuba equipment!!!

There simply was NOT enough food for these active teenagers. The kids were always hungry and, although they had a remote storage area that my daughter said was FULL of food, these kids were not given more to eat. They were weak and had headaches because of food depravation. They bought nutella with their own money and resorted to eating that junk out of extreme hunger. One instructor told the kids that any food that they bought on land had to be shared with everyone, which I agree about, BUT she would have food that she claimed was totally hers and no one was to touch it. She even keep cold drinks for herself when the boat ran out of drinking water! Yes, you read that right- they ran out of water!!!

We were not warned before this trip that EXTREME water conservation was practiced and that if they kids ran out of water they would be left without ANY until they could refill. Now, I agree to teaching kids about water conservation BUT not to the detriment of their health and safety. They should have been supplied with as much fresh drinking water, as needed, without question!!! Dehydration is a serious health issue that Broadreach did not care about. An instructor told the kids that they could refill the water but he did not feel like doing it because of how long it took. They kids all said that they would help since they were soo thirsty but he still made them wait until the NEXT DAY for water.

The toilets backed up raw sewage all over the floors and because of conserving water, they only used a bit of ocean water to splash it away. It was not cleaned up or properly sanitized and the girls were told by an instructor that they were no longer allowed to shave because of the probability of them getting Staph if they got cut. The kids were then told that from now on they were not allowed to use the toilets to defecate. If they had to do that, they were expected to jump into the water and defecate there- they called it a "water dookie". So gross!! However, one instructor didn't abide by her own rules and would stink up the girls bathroom everyday.

An instructor screamed at the kids if she heard them using foul language but, hypocritically, she used foul language while telling them that they couldn't.

One instructor is only 20 years old and does not seem mature or responsible enough to handle being in charge of 12 kids.
Two other instructors were liked by the kids, which seemed to anger the other instructor and make her more spiteful.

One instructor brought up social and political issues that were inappropriate in this situation and no one appreciated her opinions. If she does not eat fish or meat, that is her business and she should not be scornful of what the kids choose to eat. She also should not be making comments about the parents of these kids and their choices and lifestyles.

An instructor was in charge of dispensing the medication to the kids that needed it and she was very neglectful with this duty. She forgot to do it so often that she just put the meds out and told the kids to do it themselves.

This boat was filthy and contaminated and the only cleaning was done by the kids themselves on the last day. I'm willing to bet that BR will not properly disinfect and sanitize this boat before the next group boards.

My daughter said that she did have a good time because she totally loved all the other kids. They truly bonded and got through the hunger, thirst and filthy conditions with each other and their support and laughter. They made the best of the situation but these issues need to be addressed by BR!!!

  • The kids loved meeting each other and found great new friendships!
  • The lack of food and water was UNACCEPTABLE!!!!
  • The living conditions were filthy and unhealthy. Communication was terrible.
  • The Instructor in charge was too young and immature for this responsibility.
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Response from Broadreach Summer Adventures

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns. We’re glad to hear that your daughter had a positive experience with her group, but disappointed to hear that her trip fell short of expectations.

Our communication policy is designed to allow students to disconnect from the outside world and connect with their group. In our experience, limiting phone use leads to more positive experiences overall - less homesickness and increased bonding with the group. We do understand that it can be difficult for both students and parents not to have contact as frequently as they are used to, and it is never our intention to mislead or hide families about our policy. We have tried to make it clear by putting it on our website, including it in all our informational webinars, and including it in the enrolled student portal. We do apologize if you felt uninformed of our policy and will try to make this policy clearer moving forward. Instructors always have a working phone to communicate with our support staff and HQ in case of emergencies and we are happy to facilitate calls or messages outside regular weekly calls home if requested.

Students on Broadreach trips are a part of the crew and share the responsibility for cleaning the boat on program, and should have ample access to cleaning products, including bleach. Hygiene is very important, especially on boat-based trips, and boats are thoroughly cleaned and bleached between programs in addition to daily cleaning. Unfortunately, boat toilets can easily become clogged if toilet paper, feminine products, or other items are flushed. This can be very unpleasant, and we apologize that this issue impacted your daughter’s experience.

We were very troubled to hear your reports of lack of drinking water and food. As you state, staying properly fueled and hydrated is essential for students and staff to stay healthy. Boats have access to water makers to ensure access to fresh drinking water at all times. Our boats are always within sight of shore to get extra provisions if necessary. Failing that, program boats should be near other boats in the fleet to request water in an emergency situation.

Each boat is different, and it can be challenging to plan menus and quantities that work across the board. Sometimes a group eats more than expected and supplies run low, but we are set up to re-supply along the way and we expect there should always be enough to eat. We are looking into the particular circumstances on your program to see where or why this didn't happen in this case.

On trips with three instructors, there is commonly one more junior staff member. All of our instructors hold the necessary certifications and qualifications to assist in leading a trip. We are troubled by your reports that you did not feel your student’s personal convictions and beliefs were respected. Broadreach is a secular organization that welcomes students of all backgrounds. It is very important to us that everyone feels comfortable and not demeaned within the group. We spend a lot of our time and energy during our staff training focusing on creating and maintaining a positive social environment among our students. This includes not feeling bullied, demeaned or disrespected for your beliefs. The staff have a responsibility to all members of the group to not allow this sort of behavior and based on your reports, it sounds like they came up short in this case and I apologize for that.

Broadreach takes dive safety very seriously and sets even more conservative guidelines than those stipulated by PADI. Students do occasionally run low on oxygen, and small nosebleeds are relatively common after diving due to the pressure change. As a part of the scuba certification process, students are trained on what to do in various emergency situations. After speaking with you about your concerns during your daughter's program, we reached out to our Caribbean team to investigate before following up with you and did not find the low air situation to be due to a leaking tank. New divers may not be accustomed to checking their oxygen levels frequently, or may be surprised by how quickly the levels can deplete - which in turn can cause a diver to panic, breathe more quickly, and go through oxygen even quicker. That said, I do not want to diminish the fear that your daughter must have felt nor your concern. It seems like the situation was not appropriately addressed and debriefed with your daughter immediately following the incident, and for that I apologize.

Thanks again for sharing your feedback. Our goal is always that every Broadreach student has an amazing experience. While it sounds like your daughter had some positive experiences as well, we regret that they were tainted by some of the challenges you noted.

We will be undertaking a thorough review of your concerns, this program, the staff and the reports from other students to try to get to the bottom of where we fell short on this program and what lessons we can apply to improve our systems going forward. We will be happy to circle back with you once weI have had the chance to explore this a little deeper.

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us directly if you have questions.

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