Nursing Internships in Kenya and Tanzania

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A nursing elective abroad allows you to work with diverse patients, learn about global health issues and enhance your medical work experience. Take an overseas nursing internship with Elective Africa which will give you experience given the unique healthcare delivery in developing countries where nurses have more care-provider time to patient-care time than any other medical professional. This is also a chance to travel and sample the attractions of a new destination and to help others.
Elective Africa nursing electives and volunteer placements are offered in Kenya and Tanzania to nursing students or registered nurses (RN). Choose from a variety of our locations ranging from working in large busy public hospitals, mission based health institutions, small health centers or rural district hospitals all with adequate supervision for students, thus providing you distinct experiences in each.

As any nurse in a developing country would attest – the significant healthcare demands coupled with extremely limited resources, particularly in rural areas, requires nurses to learn and perform tasks beyond what is expected of traditional nursing in developed countries. Student nurses are able to meet their nursing elective objectives as they assist in a variety of nursing duties thus bridging the gap between theoretical and practical aspect of learning.

As a nursing student or a registered nurse (RN) on a nursing volunteering placement, undertaking a healthcare placement abroad offers a very rich learning experience and is a major boost to your nursing skills.

  • Customised Placement
  • Proficient supervision and mentorship
  • Differentiated health system
  • Interactive Global health tutorials
  • Free Swahili lessons

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