Midwifery Internships in Kenya and Tanzania

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Working as a certified midwife nurse requires significant exposure in formal schooling. This should be accompanied with actual exposure to antenatal and postnatal care for women and their babies as well as support for their families and partners. Our Midwifery Internship program offers this opportunity, providing hands-on experience under the supervision and mentoring of an experienced team.

Our midwifery elective allows you to work in hospitals and in the community. You’ll learn to assess different situations while in service and overcome work pressure, as demand for midwife professionals in the region is high.

You’ll work closely with highly skilled obstetrics physicians, family physicians, and other certified nurse-midwife. This gives you the opportunity to interact with and learn from them. They will mentor and inspire you, bringing out your hidden potentials.

Interns must be midwifery students, while volunteers must be medical professionals.

  • Look after and provide emotional support to pregnant women, even after they give birth.
  • Gain a different perspective on approaching unique cases, including identifying high-risk pregnancies and helping parents cope with miscarriage.
  • Develop your abilities in providing advice and support to parents, particularly in the daily care of their newborn.
  • Share your knowledge and skills with local healthcare providers, and expand your perspective of global health and epidemiology in the process.
  • Gain cultural exposure through interaction with different people in rural and urban communities for a more productive and life-changing experience in Africa.

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