Poverty Stoplight Internships in Paraguay

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An internship with Fundación Paraguaya offers an unique opportunity to gain professional experience in eliminating multidimensional poverty and spend time living and working in Paraguay!

The Poverty Stoplight is an innovative technological tool that seeks to activate the potential of families and communities to lift themselves out of poverty through self-assessment survey, mentoring and intervention to develop practical solutions to overcome each families specific needs and solve poverty in the short term.

We work with organizations worldwide and through a network of powerful actors with one clear mission: eliminate poverty worldwide.
Together we indentify the solutions for each specific indicator to share across all sectors including government agencies, private companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, non-profits, cooperatives, microfinance organizations, academic institutions, and sports clubs, among others.

  • Solve Poverty in the short term
  • Empowerment of Women and Families
  • Real World life experience
  • Eliminate multidimensional poverty worldwide
  • International multisector cooperation

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